Monday, November 22, 2004

Tea and Aging

Just about every tea site I visit has a little section extolling the health benefits of tea. Since I plan to start selling tea one of these days I'm not about to discredit the hack medical advice that drives people to shell out their hard-earned cash for the good leaf but I must confess that tea is doing a poor job of slowing the aging process, for me at least. Despite three to four big cups a day I find that nowadays when I hike up my trousers I do it in the front. It's a subtle thing, no doubt, but there it is. I believe a young man will hike them from the sides or in some cases not at all.

By all rights I should be drinking the Loser's Blend today (Eagles 28, Redskins 6) but I can't shake this Darjeeling anymore (I've forgotten what I started fighting for). I'm really coming around to it. For best results I use a lot of leaves (add enough, then add more) and let it steep for exactly three minutes. This is a good choice for OCD tea-drinkers. I used to be that guy in the office kitchen making a complicated hot beverage, and now I'm that guy in the office kitchen making a complicated hot beverage with a stopwatch.