Monday, February 25, 2008


If you call me in the morning and I don't stop talking for about 20 minutes, then you'll know I'm working on my new perfect caffeine formulation. Sometimes a tea blogger just needs to wake up, and I'm no exception. You know I'm crazy about the high-end stuff but there are times when the tea bag is king. I take an ordinary bag of Tazo "Awake" and submerge it in hot water. After a while I drink the water. Once I'm done with that, I do the same with a Whole Foods 365 House Brand cheapie Organic Black Tea bag. Then I start talking. If you really want to know about the subtle differences between the Fall'79 and Spring '80 GD tours, call me at one of these times and I will tell you all about it. I will leave nothing out.

Obviously, there are so many great things to be said for unique and special orthodox teas but I will give this to their low-grade brethren: They are amazingly consistent. Real hardcore tea blenders wearing lab coats see to it that I get exactly the right amount of caffeine every single time.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Winter is dragging on here in the Mid-Atlantic region which means constant hot bevs. I have my limits with the caffeine, so at times I need a good herbal tea just to keep it rolling along nicely. Some people get bent out of shape when herbal tea is called "tea" since it's not really tea at all but I'm not one of those people. If it's a hot drink infused from some sort of leaf then what the hell, it can be tea. I'm all about pragmatic beverage classification.

One great thing about herbal teas is that they can only be so good. Kind of like soda, and unlike wine (not including bum wines), the difference between cheap and expensive can be hard to discern. In fact, the cheaper the better. One of my favorite herbals is straight up peppermint, and try as I might, I can find none better than Celestial Seasonings. They've recently changed their packaging but it's still the mintiest game in town.

Thought I'd spruce up the post by adding a picture of a model wearing a superhero cape holding a box of herbal tea. It's an old marketing trick.