Monday, February 25, 2008


If you call me in the morning and I don't stop talking for about 20 minutes, then you'll know I'm working on my new perfect caffeine formulation. Sometimes a tea blogger just needs to wake up, and I'm no exception. You know I'm crazy about the high-end stuff but there are times when the tea bag is king. I take an ordinary bag of Tazo "Awake" and submerge it in hot water. After a while I drink the water. Once I'm done with that, I do the same with a Whole Foods 365 House Brand cheapie Organic Black Tea bag. Then I start talking. If you really want to know about the subtle differences between the Fall'79 and Spring '80 GD tours, call me at one of these times and I will tell you all about it. I will leave nothing out.

Obviously, there are so many great things to be said for unique and special orthodox teas but I will give this to their low-grade brethren: They are amazingly consistent. Real hardcore tea blenders wearing lab coats see to it that I get exactly the right amount of caffeine every single time.