Thursday, November 04, 2004

Oolong Time

Rainy day, temperatures in the low 50s mandate a continuous drip of tea. Today's flavor is Fancy Formosa Silver Tip from the good people at the Tea Spot. I don't get out to Boulder much but I'm lucky to have people who love me who do, and how nice that they think to bring me great tea like this. The lines between reality and TV reality (not reality TV) have always been blurred for me so it's no sweat to imagine an older, slightly more dignified Mork stopping in for a cup of this stuff after an afternoon visit to the music store. As advertised, this oolong has a nice honey taste and call me crazy but it also smells a little like black currant. It's a nice pick for repeated infusions - just keeps on giving, cup after cup. Good thing my desk is so close to the bathroom.