Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Feeling Darjeeling

It's been a rough couple of days as all the machines around me are revolting. I consider it a sad state of affairs when the brightest spot of my week is the new Star Wars Original Trilogy Collection Stormtrooper action figure standing guard on my desk. Took a while to find the right pose but for a 3.5" piece of plastic he's looking pretty damn authoritative right now. I'm thinking of naming him Steve. (current brain activity readout: "We've searched the entire ship. No sign of the Death Star plans. Steve, round up the prisoners.") Of course this nostalgia purchase inspired me to go snooping around eBay to find out exactly how much money I lost when I let my mom take all my old Star Wars toys, Micronauts, classic comics, etc. to her school's fundraiser or the dump or wherever they went. Good Lord! These nerds are paying out! I guess I knew that already, but what I really want to know is what percentage of purchases on eBay are purely nostalgia-based? Are we all just buying things we've bought before?

But what about the tea? OK, the other bright spot in my week has been the Peet's Darjeeling Fancy I've been drinking. Darjeeling teas are a really big deal to tea people and though I have yet to fully embrace the craze I am really enjoying this cup. It produces a light, orange-y brew that must be carefully timed, lest thine cup be filled with horrible, bitter tea. I like that, the way it's either a really good cup of tea or a really bad cup of tea and it's up to you to to deliver the flavor, but then I love danger. There's no safety net when you're drinking Darjeeling. It's Xtreme tea.

Note: the side of the tin says,"...the exquisite bouquet of this tea seems to reach right out of the cup." Steve's got his blaster at the ready in case that happens.