Thursday, June 05, 2008


There are so many intangible benefits we receive from attending the Tea Expo (at least that's what we tell the wives) but there are some very tangible benefits as well, namely samples. Tons of them. At times it feels like Halloween. Some vendors give out tote bags, others tea, it's a winning combination. Mind you it costs plenty to register for the show, fly out to Vegas, stay in a 'spensive hotel and maintain the Andrews & Dunham lifestyle but it doesn't stop me from feeling like we got something for nothing when I gaze upon our haul.

Most of the samples we picked up this year are teas that we will seriously consider for our roster. It will be a roster of fineness. Owing to our aforementioned but still mysterious bizness plan we are looking at a relatively narrow price range and tried to grab a bunch of teas that will fit the bill. Nevertheless, that didn't stop us from graciously accepting some very high grade offerings which I will consume on your behalf and possibly tell you about. Erik made the mistake of trusting me with the lot, so I'm going to tear through this fancy stuff as fast as can until he realizes his error.