Monday, January 28, 2008


My office moved recently, so instead of a Starbucks downstairs there's a Caribou next door. I'm inclined to like them, not because I'm a Starbucks hater (I'm not), but because they seem to sort of give a crap about tea. They seem earnest, which is ironic since they play up this completely artificial lodge vibe that would be horrible if it came from California, but it's OK coming from the Twin Cities.

I bought a box of Irish Breakfast tea and inside I found these lovable little tea balls:

Don't tell me these aren't lovable, because they are. The tea is fine, not spectacular but better than Tazo bags. My one criticism is the balls are too small. I'm saying this with a straight face. Keep the same amount of tea in there, just make the balls bigger so the leaves have more room during the brewing process. Otherwise, go get 'em.