Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eyes Buggin'

As you may know, Erik (see issue 7 - ed.) and I are in the process of getting in the business of making huge piles of money as purveyors of fine tea and to that end we are adrift in samples. My eyes are buggin' from all the tea we've been drinking. You wouldn't think the sampling of tea would be particularly taxing but it turns out there is a staggering amount of unremarkable tea to be sampled. We are providing a service to our fellow tea drinkers by sorting through all this sludge. Some might recommend a measured, careful tea tasting technique but not us. We are freestyle all the way. No swish and spit at Andrews & Dunham - we engage in full on street tasting, real-world tea sippin'. This is not business-casual. I am wide awake.